Our story

The ethos of Guernsey Seaweed is to sustainably pick and harvest seaweed by hand from the beaches of Guernsey and obtain a pure, natural and minimally processed product ready for your garden.

The only automation we use is that we drive a trailer on to the beach – everything else is done by us and by hand and the process involves:

  •  – Forking the seaweed from beach to trailer
  •  – Picking up the rubbish on the beach as we go
  •  – Transporting to our greenhouse to dry on racks
  •  – Turning the seaweed to avoid rotting and ensure maximum airflow and retention of precious nutrients
  •  – Sorting the seaweed by hand and shredding it to a manageable form and to remove any tough bits
  •  – Bagging up and sending it to you!


Ben & Naomi are proud to announce the arrival of their book, ‘Vraic: A Guide to Guernsey Seaweed’, available to preorder now! for a limited time only, we’re also offering a Vraic gift set, to include a 5 tin Seaweed Food Co gift set, Guernsey Seaweed’s Serum and Hand & Face Cream.

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Vraic on Track

Seaweed has been harvested in Guernsey for at least 1000 years. In their new book, Vraic, Ben and Naomi explore the fascinating history and future potential of seaweed on the island, as well as their own journey turning seaweed into food, fertiliser, face cream and more besides.

Vraic: Out Now

Our guide to Guernsey Seaweed

Jersey & Guernsey

As seen on Channel 5’s ‘Jersey & Guernsey’