Channel Island Seaweed

Hand Sanitiser

A local solution to an international problem









  A collaboration arose in early March 2020 between Channel Islands Liquor Company and Guernsey Seaweed to try and resolve a major problem on Guernsey – the complete lack of availability of hand sanitiser.  At this time it was possible to obtain ethanol but worldwide stocks of emollients (including glycerin and aloe vera gel) had completely sold out in the rush to produce more hand sanitiser.

The Channel Islands Liquor Co. approached Guernsey Seaweed who worked intensively to develop a seaweed gel to address this issue, and with the expertise of the two companies combined a Channel Island Hand Sanitiser was born. We were the first to start using seaweed in a hand sanitiser in this way.


Natural, nourishing, protecting


Our seaweed emollient ingredient ensures that the alcohol remains on the hands for at least 20 seconds, and in contact long enough to kill any of the bacteria and viruses that may be present.  After many formulations and trials of our product it was realised that the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are found within the seaweed effectively counteracted the harsh effects of the alcohol and led to the hands being positively moisturised, helping to prevent stripping of the natural oils in the skin’s protective barrier.

In our hand sanitiser there is no added bleach or chemicals, the ethanol itself ensures that 99.99% of bacteria are destroyed so you can be assured that this is a 100% natural product.


Safe for our families and yours.


As our hand sanitiser is a natural product, there is colour variation, the slight dark green tinge to the product is due to the inclusion of the seaweed, and there are no added chemicals or bleach to remove this. The cloudy aspect of the hand sanitiser incorporates more of the naturally  moisturising properties of the seaweed. Earlier, ultra-filtered clear incarnations of this product did not have the same beneficial moisturising results. It was the cloudy version that was launched in Guernsey during March 2020 once approval had been obtained from the Health and Safety Executive.

Over 6,000 litres of seaweed hand sanitiser have been produced and sold in Guernsey up until September 2020 and the sales have continued, with the local population supporting and giving great feedback on a quality, moisturising product since.

The available products include 100ml bottles for personal use and 500ml bottles which are generally used on reception desks or at shop entrances. Over 3,000 bottles have been produced with co-branding for law firms, investment companies and hotel groups. Refills are also available which can bring the price down to the same cost as far inferior products with cheaper ingredients.  Both 5 litre and 10 litre refills are being supplied as a package with a selection of 500ml and 100ml bottles.

We intend to continue supplying the product in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK as long as there is demand.  The seaweed we use is plentiful and sustainable, as proven by Guernsey Seaweeds monitoring process for regrowth, and the Channel Island Liquor Co. has a non-stop supply of alcohol. 

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